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We provide quality, professionalism and friendly services to every customers whether it is small job or big one. We pay full attention to the customer’s needs and their requirements and fulfill their expectations to the possible ways.

  • Window/Glass Cleaning
    • Cleaning building interface
    • Smart window cleaning (exterior/interior)
    • Cleaning of Sills and Frames
  • Rope Access
    • Removal and fixing of glass
    • Sealant application
    • Installation of Bolt & Hanger
    • Replacement of busted lights
    • Rust removal and re-painting
    • Rescue operation
  • Janitor Services
  • General cleaning
    • Steam cleaning of Clean room

We deeply clean the following elements.

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Oil stain
  • Foreign elements
  • Water spot
  • Insect dropping
  • Finger print
  • Other such deposit

We always use the best quality world class cleaning products to give long life to the window glasses. We never use the toxic chemicals or hazardous cleaning products. You always believe and trust in our professional services for all the times.

Why we need cleaning work?

Basically most of the Commercial, Residential, Towers, structure are built up using the standard glass to protect the environment and to give a good looking to the building. The following are the good features in using the window glasses;

  • Natural daylighting
  • Ventilation
  • Comfort to habitants
  • Good for environmental purpose
  • Energy efficiency
  • Minimize energy losses
  • Internal condensation
  • Building looks more attractive & appealing
  • Building image will be increase in mass public
  • Keep the premises hygiene free
  • And more..

Periodic cleaning of windows or glass of a building is highly suggested by the Cleaning Experts. The frequency shall be varied from 1 to 3 months and more depend upon necessity, weather condition.

Builders cleans, office partitions, schools,Hospitals, houses, restaurants, shop fronts - Edge Cleaning does it all! We use traditional methods of a bucket and a squeegee to deliver outstanding results every time.